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Glaucoma Treatment Burlingame

Glaucoma Treatment in Burlingame, CA

Glaucoma is an incurable eye disease that is the leading reason for blindness in individuals of all ages. However, when diagnosed properly, a patient can receive glaucoma treatment to slow its progression. Here at Dr. Cooper Pediatric Ophthalmology and Family Eye Care, we offer treatment for childhood glaucoma, as well as glaucoma in adults. Please note the treatments for children and adults are similar in scope. We focus on reducing symptoms while improving remaining vision.

Can My Child Develop Glaucoma and Receive Treatment?

Yes, a child can develop a condition called childhood glaucoma also known as congenital or pediatric glaucoma. The Glaucoma Research Foundation explains that this condition is rare and typically develops within the child’s first year of life. The cause for infantile glaucoma is that the drainage system in the eye develops incorrectly prior to birth. While the disease cannot be cured, proper glaucoma treatment can reduce symptoms in children.

What are the Most Common Symptoms of Glaucoma?

A person with glaucoma will struggle with a sensitivity to light. In addition, they may have enlarged eyes or excessive tearing. In some instances, the person’s cornea may be cloudy. If you think that you or your child has glaucoma, the first route to treatment begins with a diagnosis from an ophthalmologist who specializes in pediatric and family eye care. Here at Dr. Cooper Pediatric Ophthalmology and Family Eye Care our ophthalmologist Dr. Kim Cooper is available to test individuals for glaucoma.

How Does an Ophthalmologist Treat Glaucoma in Burlingame, CA?

Treating pediatric glaucoma in Burlingame, CA often involves a combination of medication and surgery. In mild cases that are diagnosed early on, patients may respond to topical treatments including eye drops. Surgery includes micro or filtering surgery, as well as laser surgery. While surgery cannot reverse vision loss due to glaucoma, it can be beneficial for improving the patient's remaining vision. 

Treating Glaucoma in Burlingame, CA

As the most common eye disease, glaucoma treatment in Burlingame, CA is vital for individuals with this condition. Whether you need an eye exam for a diagnosis of glaucoma, or you are in search of glaucoma eye surgery, our ophthalmologists are here to assist adults and children. Dr. Kim Cooper is a fellowship trained pediatric ophthalmologist while Dr. Rupali Apte is highly specialized in glaucoma issues. Contact the office of Dr. Cooper Pediatric Ophthalmology & Family Eye Care at 650-259-0300 for an appointment.