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Posted on 12-07-2017

Eye and Toy Safety for the Holidays

You'll shoot your eye out! That most famous of Christmas movie quotes may have been done for laughs, but there's a very real danger to children's eyesight from some very popular toys. Tempting as it is, parents and grandparents shouldn't just buy the most popular toy on their favorite child's holiday list.

At least 10 percent of all children's emergency room visits dealing with eye problems can be traced back to toys, and most of them could be prevented with some careful shopping ahead of time. 

little toddler with eye glasses

Consider Eye Safety When Choosing Toys

Almost all eye injuries can be prevented by carefully choosing safer toys, and by having an adult supervise boys and girls when they play with toys that could potentially injure someone. Some of the best ways to choose gifts to give during the holidays are:

  • Check the age recommendations on all toys. If younger siblings are in the family, make sure there is a supervisory adult in the room when older children are playing
  • Check toys for safety seals of approval
  • Avoid toys that shoot projectiles such as darts, arrows, or sharp sticks. Children can even be harmed by guns that shoot foam darts or high power water guns if they're used at close range, so avoid these for younger children
  • Avoid gifting toys with lasers or bright lights inside, along with any type of laser pointer. These lights can quickly do severe damage to the eyesight
  • Stay away from any toys with sticks or long handles such as swords, brooms or fishing rods, especially for smaller children

Caring for Children's Eyes Throughout the Year with Your Local Optometrist

Your child's eyesight is a critical sense for both school and play. It's important to care for it all year long, by keeping it safe and making sure it's in good health. It all begins with a comprehensive eye examination.

If your child hasn't had a recent exam, call our office at 650-259-0300 to schedule an appointment today.

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